DMDL provides NCLB Title I supplementary instructional services to Private Schools located in the Chicago School District attendance area. These services include direct instruction, interventional tutoring, academic counseling, and fine arts. DMDL is seeking to hire Academic Tutors for these schools.


The DMDL tutoring initiative provides assistance in individual or small group settings based on an assessment of student needs while supporting the classroom curriculum, state and Common Core standards. The DMDL approach to student centered learning is based upon Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence which suggest that different brains learn in different ways. These intelligences are integrated in interdisciplinary learning to maximize a child’s ability to retain and process information. The educational activities used in DMDL programs, through the exercise of connect and transfer, harness multiple intelligences and make connections with key concepts in core disciplines (reading and math) to create a more effective learning environment.

Some students may not learn well in traditional classrooms. Tutoring can offer student individual attention to help them learn in different and perhaps more effective ways. Lessons are also presented in line with subject matter from the student’s regular classroom. The DMDL methodology allows students to experience subject matter in non-traditional ways. Classroom teachers assess student progress through observation and direct correspondence with the service providers.

Students participate in pre and post assessments, which enable instructors to coach them in planning for success. Other measurements include student portfolios and teacher assessments.

Tutors will be assigned to nonpublic faith-based schools throughout the Chicago Public School District attendance area, providing 2-10 hours of academic tutoring per week. Candidates must be able to work independently, display good judgment and possess excellent organization and communication skills. A Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field and classroom teaching experience is required. This position requires a contracted commitment for 28 weeks; from September through May (summer positions may also be available). Criminal background checks will be conducted on all candidates. Selected candidates will also be required to attend all scheduled trainings and professional development meetings.

Duties & Responsibilities

Personal Characteristics & Attributes

The individual accepting this position must be creative, compassionate towards children, possess a firm belief that all students can learn, and have a detail-oriented work style. Candidates shall possess good relationship building skills, as well as the desire and ability to motivate, mentor and encourage students.


Competitive pay will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until positions are filled.


To apply, send a resume to:
Human Resources
Re: Academic Tutor Position
1111 N. Wells, Suite 502
Chicago, Illinois 60610