Schools Served by DMDL

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Non-Public Schools

[tabs] [tab title=”Christian”] [two]Bethel Christian School
The Cambridge School of Chicago
Chicago SDA Academy
Chicago West Side Christian School
Cornerstone Academy
Eagles Wings Urban Academy
Emmanuel Christian School[/two] [two_last]Fellowship Christian School
Humbolt Community Christian School
Liberty Full Gospel Academy
Master’s Academy
R.E.A.C.H Christian Academy
Oakdale Christian Academy
Salem Christian Academy[/two_last] [/tab] [tab title=”Catholic”] [two]Children of Peace School
Hales Franciscan High School
Our Lady of Guadalupe School
San Miguel School
St. Ethelreda School
St. Margaret of Scotland School
St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School[/two] [two_last]St. John De LaSalle School
St. Elizabeth School
St. Sabina Academy[/two_last] [/tab] [tab title=”Lutheran”] [two]Grace Lutheran School
Holy Family Lutheran School
Jehovah Lutheran School
Lutheran Unity East
Lutheran Unity West
The New Luther South Math, Science and Performing Arts High School[/two] [two_last]Our Savior Lutheran School
Resurrection Lutheran School
St. Paul Lutheran School
Timothy Lutheran School
Zion Lutheran School[/two_last] [/tab] [tab title=”Independent”]Ezzard Charles School
Luther High School South
Muhammad University of Islam
P.L.A.I.D. Academy
Village Leadership Academy
Westside Alternative High School[/tab] [/tabs]

Youth Residential Homes

[two]Jewish Children’s Family Service
Lawrence Hall Youth Services
Lydia Home Association[/two] [two_last]Mercy Girls Home
Mercy Home for Boys
Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network[/two_last]

Public Schools

[two]Claremont Elementary Academy
Crane High School
Dixon Elementary School
Henry H. Nash Elementary
James E. McDade Elementary School
James Ward Elementary School
John B. Drake School
Jones Commercial High School
Lorenzo R. Smith School
McDowell Elementary School[/two] [two_last]Morton Career Academy
Paul Revere School
Perspectives Charter School
Salazar Bilingual Education Center
Samuel B. Morse School
Samuel B. Morse Tech School
South Shore High School
Victor Herbert School
Wendell Smith School
Westcott Elementary[/two_last]